Employee Experience: Compromise No More!

We think you'll agree that these 5 simple statements have far-reaching consequences for the future of work, the efficiency and efficacy of the help desk, and your organization's bottom line.

  • All users have a right to ruthlessly relevant answers.
  • All users have a right to productive work lives.
  • No user should be compelled to log in to multiple systems for a simple question.
  • All users have a right to a seamless service experience.
  • Service desk owners must keep the people, not the tools, at the center of their technology ecosystem.

But we'd love to know what else you think is important when it comes to service desk interactions! What other statements should be included in our manifesto? How can these ideas be made real in the day-to-day? (We had a couple of thoughts on that here but they're certainly not the only options).

Let us know your thoughts below, we'd love to understand your POV on all this (important!) employee experience stuff.

What do you think?